Hi, I am Dania Tesei, creator of PicoDogs.org and this is my Newfoundland dog Coda.
We live in Pico Island, in the Azores.

After volunteering for a couple of years at the local dog shelter through Acanil (the association for dogs welfare in Pico Island), I decided it was time to work on a project that would have a bigger impact on the number of dogs adopted.

The project I am now running is a partnership between Acanil and Tierhilfe Phoenix, a German Association that adopts dogs from our dog shelter in Pico and finds a forever home in Germany for them.

By using PicoDogs.org, I would like to overcome the boundaries of our little island and reach associations, volunteers and dog lovers to help more and more abandoned dogs to find a home.

And my dog Coda? He is a Newfie, a giant dog with a gentle soul. He is a superstar in Pico and is very happy to use his fame to help his less lucky friends.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon in our blog!

Dania & Coda