Maggie was abandoned at the age of 5 months with a broken paw. She was literally thrown inside the dog shelter, where we found her the following morning. We will never know if her limb broke as a result of throwing her over the gate or that happened before and the owner abandoned her to avoid treatment costs. After visiting her, the vet said Maggie would require surgery, but unfortunately in Pico there are no facilities to intervene surgically on a broken limb. Our only hope was that a cast and her young age would be enough. After 40 days with the cast, we were relieved to see she was able to walk again. Maggie was then selected to be adopted in Germany and in October 2016 she flew to meet her new home. Please see her before and after the adoption and even participating to an Agility Sport competition in Germany!


Maggie @ Agility Competition
Maggie at her Agility Competition