Everything you need to know about adopting a dog

Are you thinking about getting a furry friend? In this article you will read 5 tips about adopting a dog.

1. Questions about adopting a dog
2. Choose a dog that fits you and your lifestyle
3. Places where you can adopt a dog
4. Adopting a dog from the shelter
5. Let rehoming be a success story

Maybe you have already been to the shelter or you browsed the internet. Adopting a dog is a noble cause, but also requires some preparation. Here you can read our tips to be prepared for a (Pico) Dog.

1. Questions about adopting a dog
There are different questions you need to ask yourself before taking a dog home. Do you have enough time to give the dog the attention it deserves? Even if you have a large garden, a dog needs to be taken outside to explore new places, meet other dogs and people. Will you able to do this?

Will the dog fit your lifestyle and home? Did you consider the financial side of adopting a dog, like food and veterinarian expenses? If you answered ´yes´ to all of these questions, now you still have to consider which type of dog fits you and where you will look for it.

2. Choose a dog that fits you and your lifestyle
Do you want a certain breed of dog, a cross breed, a puppy or do you prefer a dog that is a bit older? A dog can be a friend and family member for 15 years, so it is wise to ask yourself these questions. The look and type of breed tell you little about the behaviour of the dog and how it will respond to other people or different types of situations. If you are thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter, it will be wise to get information from the people who work there. Since they know already a lot about the needs and behaviour of the dogs, they will be able to advise you and help you and the dog end up in a good match.

3. Places where you can adopt a dog

– Dog shelter / rescue centre / rehoming facility
– Via a friend or a person you know
– Through the internet
– An official, reputable breeder

Risks of adopting dogs through the internet:

Be very careful when adopting a dog through the internet. Consider only official and reputable breeders or organizations, that will allow (or even require) a visit prior to adoption. In most other cases, you could end up dealing with unofficial breeders who have a lot of breeding pairs and litters. These people are mostly interested in making money or simply ignore the basics of dogs health care.  A lot of times we see that these puppies don’t get vaccinated or treated for worms and get very sick. Neither are the parents tested to make sure they are not carriers for genetic diseases. This is why, we strongly advise against using this type of adoption which, in most cases, hides a real animal abuse such as a puppy mill.

If you adopt a dog from any dog shelter, the dogs will already have a pet passport / health logbook with the right vaccinations and worms treatment. They get regular check-ups from a veterinarian and will only be available for adoption if they are in perfect health or you will be informed of any existing condition.

4. Adopting a dog from the shelter

A dog from a shelter if often misjudged by the outside world as a problem dog. This is simply not true. Many dogs in the shelter are searching for a new home for many different reasons, for example:

– The previous owner or a family member was or became allergic to dogs
– Sickness or old age of the previous owner
– Divorce
– Relocation to a new house or apartment that was not fit for the dog
– Lack of time

Dogs from dog shelters are always medically examined by the vet, are neutered, get their vaccinations and treatment for worms, have a pet passport / health logbook and are chipped. Most of these dogs are friendly and well-socialised. In case the dog had anxiety or any other problems, you would be promptly informed.

5. Let rehoming be a success story

You have found the perfect match for you, your family and lifestyle. Now you have to create the right environment for the rehoming to be a success. This means having a lot of patience at the beginning, building trust, being consistent and creating a good routine for you and your dog.

Make sure you will have the following items in the house:

– Food and drinking bowl
– Leash and dog collar or harness
– Dog bed
– Toys

If you have any questions about this topic, members of Pico Dogs are very happy to help you!


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