Success stories: Madi & Karen

During my internship at CW Azores, I volunteered at the local dog shelter with Dania Tesei on Sundays. Here I came across three little puppies, dying for attention!

I immediately connected strongly with one of them. While the other two got adopted, I couldn´t leave her behind.

Madi 01

So I adopted the last puppy and named her Madi after Madalena, the main town of Pico Island.

Together we flew back to Belgium, were we had to face some challenges. Madi is a very anxious little dog, and because I live in a busy city center with my partner Thomas, Madi had a hard time adjusting to the crowds.

But after some time Madi got settled into our life. Every morning, when the city is still asleep, we go roller-skating together. In this way my anxious girl loves to be outside again, and she can let go of her energy. Other than that, Madi loves to relax in the couch and to sleep on the bed. She really enjoys the cuddling and playing with Thomas during her energy bursts!

Madi is my little partner in crime; I cannot imagine a life without her anymore, and I can´t really put into words the connection we have together.

A special thanks to Dania Tesei and Pico Dogs for helping us make this happen!

Karen, Thomas and Madi 🙂

Madi 02

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