AAI – Animal Assisted Interventions

Commonly called “pet therapy” was born in 1792 when William Tuke encouraged his patients with mental disorders to take care of animals because he realized the many benefits they brought. From there, more and more in-depth studies on the human-animal relationship began. What are the AAIs? Why dogs? What benefits do they bring? Multidisciplinary team … Continue reading AAI – Animal Assisted Interventions

Success stories: Madi & Karen

During my internship at CW Azores, I volunteered at the local dog shelter with Dania Tesei on Sundays. Here I came across three little puppies, dying for attention! I immediately connected strongly with one of them. While the other two got adopted, I couldn´t leave her behind. So I adopted the last puppy and named her Madi after … Continue reading Success stories: Madi & Karen

1, 2, 3… 7 Picodogs adopted in Germany during Year 2017!

Yes, it is true! Sometimes fairy tales exist. In 2017 Polly, Tom, Jenny, Gerry, Joyce, Nikita and Susy found a loving home in Germany thanks to the Association Tierhilfe Phoenix. All these dogs had been abandoned or had been returned by their owners to the dog shelter located in Pico Island (Azores). Among 70+ dogs living … Continue reading 1, 2, 3… 7 Picodogs adopted in Germany during Year 2017!