Mantrailing – Part 2 – Real Life Experience

“Molecular dogs” to find missing people In the previous article we talked about molecular dogs and mantrailing as an activity conducted by the pair dog/handler, who are adequately trained to give answers to the families of the missing person. In fact, mantrailing is not always “finding”, it often provides fundamental “information” or “answers”. But what … Continue reading Mantrailing – Part 2 – Real Life Experience

AAI – Animal Assisted Interventions

Commonly called “pet therapy” was born in 1792 when William Tuke encouraged his patients with mental disorders to take care of animals because he realized the many benefits they brought. From there, more and more in-depth studies on the human-animal relationship began. What are the AAIs? Why dogs? What benefits do they bring? Multidisciplinary team … Continue reading AAI – Animal Assisted Interventions