“No one sees you…we will”

This is a story of hope and, luckily, one that has a good ending. We are so relieved and proud to be able to share with you. The uncertain, sad life of 2 young dogs from Pico has now changed for the better, thank to the determination of 4 women that have committed themselves to helping the dogs of Pico Island, each of them in their unique way.


At 8 months of age these puppies had already experience neglection and abuse.Living in an “almost” abandoned house, food and water was scarce, even more so the contacts with a human being, especially with a person that we would define as one being human. A report to the police made their story come to the surface, so that they could finally be SEEN. Seen as creatures neglected by their human family, living in a filthy environment, with a chain that caused a terribly deep wound around the neck and with problems in their paws, probably caused by a poorly nutritious diet.

Sandra, a precious employee working at the dog shelter of S.Roque in Pico Island,  decided to ask for help to Dania (PicoDogs Organization) so that the dogs could be sterilised, chipped and vaccinated.
Everything ran beautifully at the vet clinic Companhia Animal, where Beatriz and Sara took special care of them.

Some may think that dogs who have experienced such awfully bad encounters with humans will show avoidance, fear and even aggressive behaviour towards people. This idea could not be more wrong. They are both very sweet and very enthusiastic to interact and play with any human companion.

Sandra could not wait any longer and immediately searched for a new adopting family. Once their recovery was complete, we helped the dogs to get to their new home on the island of Graciosa!

Many thanks to Sandra, the new adopting family, Dania, Beatriz and Sara and to all of you that are ready to speak out for all the innocent creatures of Pico that deserve a more respectful life.

Special thanks to the vet Patricia that treated the awful wound on the neck.

If you are in Pico and know people who keep animals in poor condition or who inflict abuse on them, please inform GNR 292642389 or contact SOS Ambiente 800 292 800, available 24 hours a day.

The report is anonymous and could save a life.

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