The voice of the abandoned dogs of Pico Island

Our Mission

Our mission is helping the abandoned dogs of Pico and neighbouring islands become good pets and life companions, so that they can be adopted by forever loving families. Encouraging the social integration of dogs with families and communities through sharing relevant experiences and opening our rescue centre to the public will also be an essential aspect of our mission.

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Süßer Hund liegt vor einem Tunnel oder Röhre, Agility und Par

Project 1: Neutering Campaigns

Sadly, pregnant females, newborn litters or young puppies are often abandoned at the doors of the islands’ dog shelters. If we can help reduce the number of abandonments by promoting and providing help with sterilisation, we could significantly reduce the number of dogs in need of a home.
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Project 2: Education

Young generations are the future and we want to inspire and engage young people so that dogs and cats can receive the love and care they deserve. We will be running educational campaigns to bring about a change in the way our beloved furry friends are seen. Furthermore, we will be funding a dedicated online channel, the content being provided by Pico Dogs collaborators.

Project 3: Building a Rescue Centre

Pico Dogs Rescue Centre will be a temporary home for dogs that have been selected as suitable for adoption, a place where we will provide them with all their basic needs, but also with the extra training needed to prepare them for their new life ahead.
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Project 4: More Adoptions

Pico Dogs would not exist today if it wasn’t for the success of our core project – international adoptions which aims at increasing the number of dogs that leave the always crowded local dog shelters to join a forever family.
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