Maggie & Alexandra

The most important thing first: Maggie is a very special dog to us!!!

From the first day on, Maggie formed a very close bond with me. I still remember the words of Conny, who took care of her in the foster home : “She never used to look at me like this!”

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Zika & Amelie

During our vacation on Pico/Azores we, my daughter Amelie and I, had the opportunity to visit the local dog shelter. We were warmly welcomed by all the dogs and each and every one of them wanted attention and to be petted.
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The new life of Afrodite

From time to time we looked at the Tierhilfe Phönix website, where we had also found Marla. Then we saw Afrodite and thought she was very sweet. As we didn’t know whether Marla would accept Afrodite, we initially offered ourselves as a foster home with the option to adopt. But let’s start from the beginning.
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Madi & Karen

During my internship at CW Azores, I volunteered at the local dog shelter with Dania Tesei on Sundays. Here I came across three little puppies, dying for attention!

I immediately connected strongly with one of them. While the other two got adopted, I couldn´t leave her behind.

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