Maggie & Alexandra

The most important thing first: Maggie is a very special dog to us!!!

From the first day on, Maggie formed a very close bond with me. I still remember the words of Conny, who took care of her in the foster home : “She never used to look at me like this!”

For my husband it took a bit longer to earn her trust. It made us realize that Maggie might had some bad experiences with men in the past.

At the beginning she behaved way more suspicious and careful towards him. However, due to common activities and a lot of positive feedback, her behavior changed within a short amount of time and Wolfgang was (and of course is still) loved very much.

Similarly, she was rather suspicious of other dogs when she came to us – true to the motto “The best defense is offense”. However, this changed significantly within months. She started realizing that nothing is going to happen to her and that she can rely on “her” humans.

Today we have a second dog and both get on brilliantly. Sometimes they even share one dog basket…Looking at both dogs playing you don’t need a TV anymore!

In addition, Maggie is a very sporty dog that does everything for “her” humans. Together we passed an examination for companion dogs and took part in tournaments (Agility and Rally Obedience) – and even won!!!

Besides my normal job me and Maggie work as volunteers for an organization called “Helfer auf vier Pfoten” (in English: Helpers on four paws). In this context we visit kindergartens and schools where we teach the correct handling of dogs to kids. On this occasions Maggie is very patient with the children. She enjoys very much to play around, being petted, and most of all the tasty dog treats. ;o)

Maggie is just a sunshine and we couldn’t imagine not having her in our life!!!